Add a memorial quote to your Globe

Add a memorial quote to your Globe

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Add this precious quote to your Globe in honour of someone in heaven.

Because someone we
is in heaven
there's a little bit of
in our home

How to order...

First, order your Globe.  Globes are available in a range of colours and styles.  See them all here.

All Globes are made by me as they are ordered.  So if you are wanting custom wording or a simple image added, I can do that.

This price is for the memorial quote on one side only... 
- If you would like a name on the other side, you will need to purchase that HERE.
- Or HERE for another custom option.

Choosing your colour.  You can choose a single colour or two colours.  *Keep in mind that if you have chosen a white rose for your Globe, white lettering may be harder to read.  

In your cart you should now have...

  • Your Globe
  • Your chosen wording etc (x2 if you are wanting something on both sides)

If you have added something to your cart and it has come up with the wrong colour, (often they default to white if you have ticked a box on the Globe page) you may need to delete that item and add it again.  

Please contact me if you have any questions or are wanting something else added.  I'm more than happy to set up a cart for you if you aren't sure.

Made by me, right here in New Zealand, with internationally sourced products.

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