Tassel Garlands

Ribbon garlands are one of the most important décor accessories. Shorter than a ribbon backdrop, tassel garlands are commonly used for birthday parties and everyday décor for lounges, entrance ways and children’s bedrooms.

Decorating Rooms with Ribbon Garlands

Need an affordable way to make a statement? Ribbon garlands are not only affordable, but it is also changeable, making it the perfect wall décor accessory. Hang over doors and windows, behind a desk, across the room’s ceiling or even along a table edge for the perfect look.

Our handmade tassel garlands are created with lace and ribbon, but I can also use fabric if requested. As our shorter garlands are custom made, you get to pick the width, length, colours and composition yourself. This means no wastage and the perfect sized garland hanging in your home!

Ready to Hang Ribbon Garlands

When you need a semi-permanent piece of home décor, there’s nothing better than a length of short ribbon garland you can put up and down at whim. Simply tie both ends of the ready to hang your garland to where you’d like it and you’re done! Feel like a change? Take it down and put a different colour scheme garland in it’s place!

For a free quote (and you’ll be amazed how affordable it will be!), send me an email and let’s discuss your ideas today.

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