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It’s no great secret that we want our homes to look and feel great. It’s shown in the furniture we choose, and the home décor accessories positioned carefully around each room. Often though, we’re left wondering what we’re missing, or not being 100% certain that we’ve nailed that perfect look.

Enter the world of handmade throws, blankets and cushions! Unique and useful, they can be made in different materials, colours and sizes. Throws and blankets also have the benefit of being able to be used in a variety of ways too. Then there are the cushions which quite frankly, you can never have too many! I’d love you to take a look through my exclusive range of crocheted blankets, throws and cushions; you’ll fall in love with them just like I have…

5 Inspired Ways of Using Throws & Blankets as Décor Accessories

Throws and blankets are different. Throws are smaller versions, designed to be used as a knee rug or light cover. Blankets fit over a bed and are generally used when sleeping. For these reasons, you’re most likely to use a throw as a piece of décor in your living or dining room, and a blanket upon your bed.

However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. Four ways you could choose to use throws or blankets are:
  • As a piece of colour-co-ordinated décor draped over the back of a sofa
  • Seat cushion protectors (and nice warm bottoms too)
  • Dressing up a plain or old headboard by draping it over the top
  • Folded and placed across the end of a bed, a blanket or throw makes the bedding look more personal and welcoming

Purchasing Your Throws, Blankets & Cushions

Already well known for my handmade bunting, I’ve now expanded into making beautiful warm and cosy home décor too. Each piece I crochet or weave is unique, as I don’t follow any patterns; just make it up as I go along! That doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect in every way, because they are! Just unique, and in a world of duplicates and mass production, that is something special.

I use a range of different yarns, and you will find Afghans, Lap-ghans, blankets, throws, baby blankets and all sorts (not liquorice sorry- I ate it) here! Enjoy.



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