LOVE Foil Balloons - Gold

LOVE Foil Balloons - Gold

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These balloons are such a great decoration. Use them in a photo shoot, to decorate at a wedding, engagement party, or just to tell someone that you love them real big!!

  • 4x Foil Balloons - L,O,V,E 
  • 1 metre high 
  • Suitable for both air & helium. 
  • Available in Silver or Gold 

    * Older stock. Selling at a discounted price as some may be slightly faded on fold lines.

To Inflate

Insert an air pump or helium tank nozzle into the airway & inflate gently. The 'O' does look like a 'C' until it is inflated. The ends join together once it is filled. Each balloon has a number of tabs that you can attach string/nylon to so they stay facing the right way for photos.

Inflated balloons can last between 1-4 weeks.

To Deflate

Insert a straw into the airway and gently press onto the balloon. You should be able to reuse them if you are careful.

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