Christmas Tree Bows

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Christmas Tree Bows are such a gorgeous & simple way to decorate your tree. 

Choose your bow colours, and your pack size.  The larger the pack, the cheaper the bows.

I can do all one colour or a mix of colours. 

Use the Notes section to tell me any further information I may need. If it isn't obvious what your quantities should be.  eg. the pictured tree would be 3x Yellow, 4x Orange, 4x Scarlet, 5x Magenta, 6x Violet, 6x Royal, 6x Aqua, 7x Forest. 
Otherwise I will just make an even number of bows in each colour you have chosen. 

Please contact me if you have any questions.

** The pictured tree has 40 bows & is decorated on one side only. 
The tree was decorated in this pattern by working in diagonal lines from top to bottom, one bow of each colour. The second diagonal line starts half way between the first two bows in the line before it.

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